Friday, February 22, 2013

i almost peed my pants.

you guys are NOT going to believe this.
so, about a week ago, I entered a giveaway {one of the many in the blogging world}
and yesterday while strolling around my fav blogs, I came upon this:

omg. Is that me? didn’t I get married? what’s my last name? why can’t I feel my toes?
at first I was confused and thought, there def has to be another Heather Chase in this blogspot world.
I even had to ask the hubbi if it was real life.
turns out, my entry went in under my maiden name and that Heather Chase was actually me, the Carson.
(except the pulled pork was already in the crockpot)

I am so excited to work with Miss Whit!
I have followed her esty shop & blog, Whit Speaks, for a while now and was SO excited for her
announcement of her design company, Heart & Arrow.

my blog needs a new design like I need a bowl of peppermint cookies & cream ice cream right now.
{trust me, I NEED it}

and let me tell you, Whit is the girl to go to if you want a completely original, creative, beautiful blog design.
check out this girl’s portfolio… come on now. talent. talent. talent.

so, stay tuned for a new look. I’m on the waitlist for now J {this girl is busy!}
and, per Whit’s suggestion, have started a ‘blog design’ Pinterest Board – check it out.
don’t forget to also follow my personal pinterest boards & my blog pinterest boards J

xo - heather

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  1. Congrats on the win! Following you now, as I can't wait to see the new design!